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Trill is different and you’ve probably never heard meditation or motivational content sound quite like it. We use plain, straightforward language that's the core of our direct style and keep-it-real attitude.
Trill is blunt, raw, and intimate.
Real talk, no bullshit
Guided meditations on topics from stress to sleep; relaxation to relationships.
Get fucking going
Take control of your life with motivational sessions featuring Trill’s blunt approach to getting shit done.
Not Safe For Wellness
Take a walk on the wild side of mindfulness with our original NSFW content.

Use Trill Everyday To:

Meditate to manage your stress and develop more concentration
Give you the real talk, no bullshit. The digital friend that gives it to you straight.
Calm your anxiety when you feel like you can’t cope right now
Kick your butt into gear to get shit done
Get pumped up for a big game, a hot date, work meeting, or job interview, and more
Deal with bad fucking news, rejection, or shitty break up
Keep hunting your big dreams and never give up on achieving them
Give the middle finger to being lazy
Scream to the skies and release frustration and anger
Chill out with a cold one or hot one after a long damn day
Hear blunt advice for using mindfulness in your relationships, habits, eating, job, and more.

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